Who We Are

Hello! My name is Jeff, and my wife Shauni and I launched the EKTOS brand in 2016. For those interested - here's our story:

When we were first putting together our family's emergency preparedness supplies, we were surprised by the lack of wool blanket options available. We found inexpensive 70-80% wool blankets that were very low quality - and then 100% wool heirloom blankets that cost a fortune. What we wanted was something in the middle - well made blankets at a reasonable price - and while we did finally locate a few of these on eBay - they were WWII surplus blankets that frequently came with rips, holes and stains.

Since we could not find what we wanted as consumers - we set out to create what we wanted as entrepreneurs - hoping that others would be interested in our vision. We first launched a 90% wool medium weight blanket offered in grey. It quickly sold out and provided confirmation that we were on the right path. Since then we've expanded our offerings to include many additional styles, weights, wool percentages, and sizes.

Personally we are value oriented consumers - we love having the best quality - but don't like paying top dollar for it. We also believe in treating others how we'd like to be treated. Because of this we've worked hard to offer our customers the best product specs at the best prices.

We are very grateful to the customers who have shared their feedback with us over the years. Their collective voice has driven significant improvements and innovations within our product line and will continue to do so. We sincerely want you to be completely satisfied with your EKTOS blankets - and if for any reason you are not - just reach out and we'll happily make things right with you.

- Jeff and Shauni, EKTOS Brand Owners